• About Me

    There are many online spaces that I use on a regular basis to connect & collaborate with other educators.  I’ve put together an online ‘business card’ so to speak, for anyone who would like to know even more About Me.

  • TECH Talks

    Every once in a while I feel inspired to explore ideas, share projects and personal  achievements on my blog, TECH Talks.

  • Chilling with Nanuq

    Spending a week in Churchill last fall as a special guest of Edmodo & Polar Bears International (PBI) was an experience I’ll never forget.  Chilling with Nanuq was an incredible experience.

  • SMART Teachers

    Several years ago, I set up the SMART Teachers wiki.  At the time, I thought it might be an interesting way to develop a repository of SMART Notebook lessons and activities sorted by subject area and grade levels.