• Churchill

    I was given an incredible opportunity to travel to Churchill, Manitoba to see the polar bear migration firsthand along with a team of North America’s leading scientists on polar bear habitats and global climate change.  The time that I spent Chilling with Nanuq has left a deep impression on me.

  • Placemarks

    There are many places that I love to explore and I always try to document my travels with images and videos.  Trying to decide how I should best showcase all of these many artifacts.

  • Across the Pond

    Jennifer & I had a fantastic adventure travelling around Belgium and exploring Paris.  We’d love to get Across the Pond again with our kids when they’re a bit older.

  • Way Out West

    Having family on Vancouver Island makes for a great excuse to spend time enjoying all of the thing’s Canada’s west coast has to offer.  It’s always fun spending time Way Out West.