• Images on Instagram

    I’ve taken to sharing a number of images with friends and family on Instagram.  There are many features that I really like about Instagram, such as the ability to push photos out to other places.  If you want to know where I’ve been or what I’m doing, you’ll likely find out on Instagram!

  • Flickr Fotos

    When I take pictures I like to share some of them with friends and family and there are a few ways that I do so.  Some of the photos I take end up on my Flickr page, where I organize them into sets that can be embedded into other websites.

  • Danny Michel

    Danny Michel is one of the most engaging performers on the road these days.  This singer-songwriter out of southern Ontario recorded a live album in Winnipeg at the West End Cultural Centre.  Here’s Danny Michel performing Into the Flame live at the WECC.

  • Whitehorse

    When Luke Doucet & his wife, Melissa McLelland, get together to perform as Whitehorse, the result is spectacular.  You don’t want to miss this dynamic duo if they’re playing a show near you.  Check out Luke & Melissa performing Blood’s Too Rich at a show in Winnipeg a few years ago.