• A Penchant for Pens

    Over the last several years, I’ve developed the hobby (more of a compulsion, really) of turning wooden pens.  I have turned many different styles of pens and even the odd pencil.  While some of the pens I’ve turned are still sitting in my workshop, many of them have moved on to new homes around the …

  • Images on Instagram

    I’ve taken to sharing a number of images with friends and family on Instagram.  There are many features that I really like about Instagram, such as the ability to push photos out to other places.  If you want to know where I’ve been or what I’m doing, you’ll likely find out on Instagram!

  • Churchill

    I was given an incredible opportunity to travel to Churchill, Manitoba to see the polar bear migration firsthand along with a team of North America’s leading scientists on polar bear habitats and global climate change.  The time that I spent Chilling with Nanuq has left a deep impression on me.

  • About Me

    There are many online spaces that I use on a regular basis to connect & collaborate with other educators.  I’ve put together an online ‘business card’ so to speak, for anyone who would like to know even more About Me.